Bento Square Collection


Perfect for mixing and matching different dishes and sauces, the customizable Bento Square Plates are designed for parties and appetizers. The Short and Tall bowls can lock into the Trio and Tall bases in a graduated, stair-step fashion, giving depth to your presentation and letting your food be the main attraction. Each piece features our pure white, reinforced bone china for extra durability.

4-Square 3 Piece Set includes: Square Plate, Tall Cup, and Short Cup
3-Square 3 Piece Set includes: Rectangular Plate, Tall Cup, and Short Cup

Tall Cup: 3  inch x 3  inch x 3  inch 
Short Cup: 3  inch x 3  inch x 1.5  inch 
4 Square: 7  inch x  7 inch 
3 Square: 10.5  inch x 4  inch 

Bone China made in Chaozhao, China
Microwave and dishwasher safe

 Designed by Gary Wang