The Spin Design Campus

Designers Studio

The Spin Ceramics Design Campus in suburban Shanghai embraces our brand ethos with its simple, elegant, organic and fluent design.

As you enter the campus you encounter the Design Studio. A Japanese rock garden and koi pond softens the otherwise sleek industrial aesthetic.

Once inside, each designer has a desk overlooking the rock garden in addition to a library and meeting space.


Rec Room

The creative process can't be rushed; in the adjacent room from the designers' studio is a large rec room with a pool table, piano, entertainment center and dinning area as well as a full kitchen.

Family style lunch and dinner is prepared each day for the team (served on Spin of course); designers and craftsmen eat their meals together followed by some down time.


Craftsmens' Workshop

On the other side of the Design Campus is the second but equally crucial part to making the ceramic masterpieces: The Craftsmens' Workshop. It is the heart of Spin's research and design with each designer having a second work station in the workshop, and housing an impressive array of tools.

Its everything one could need to experiment on how to make clay turn into a water bag, cube or knot.


Meet the Craftsmen

However the most impressive part of the workshop is not the building itself but the 8 craftsmen (and craftswomen). With over 200 years of combined experience these masters of their craft help Spin's young designers turn their vision in to literal form.

Jingdezhen trained with many hailing from multi-generational ceramic craftsmen families, they are the life blood of the Spin creation process.