Meet the Designers : Qi Qiong Qiong

Qi Qiong Qiong’s roots are in Henan Province, home to the Longmen Buddhist statues and a thousand-year-old tradition of woodblock printing, so she comes upon her obsession with handwork naturally. She graduated from the ceramics studio of Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts, China’s most prestigious and renowned art academy. Along with ceramics, Qi is also a graphic artist and Chinese calligrapher. In all her work, she emphasizes “the unity of life, art, and culture.”

Working at Spin has allowed Qi to follow her own path as an artist, and she cites the company-wide culture of teamwork and respect for the artists as essential to that ability: “We’re a team, helping each other, and the designers can have a huge artistic influence without having to worry about market limitations.”

For Qi, pottery represents “a recorded history of human material development, with artifacts changing shape and pattern with each different period. Ceramics reveals an ongoing invisible line running through the past and present. It has become an integral part of us, melting into our very blood.” Qi’s work at Spin continues to develop this ancient, universal tradition.

Designs by Qi Qiong Qiong