Meet the Designers : Gary Wang

Gary Wang (1950-2013) is the artistic heart and soul of Spin. Born in Hong Kong and raised in Taiwan, Wang grew up immersed in Chinese art culture. He graduated from National Taiwan University in 1972 with a degree in Chinese literature and went on to study at the New York School of Interior Design. For the next thirty years, Wang owned and operated his own textile business, his designs frequently being featured by some of the top design houses in the country.

In 2002, Wang embarked on a new creative venture in Shanghai when he joined with a long-time friend to form Spin. As Wang describes, “Spin Ceramics is actually a spin-off Shintori Restaurant in Shanghai. At the time, the owner started experimenting with producing dinnerware based on his own designs in Jingdezhen because he couldn’t find suitable products already on the market to fit his vision. Soon, customers at the restaurant expressed an interest in buying, and Spin Ceramics was born.” Wang joined the venture as artistic director, where he led the design team and was instrumental in making Spin an international success.

Many of Spin’s current designers were fortunate to have trained under Wang’s mentorship, and list him among their strongest artistic influences. His artistic vision and personality continue to inspire everything that Spin does today and in the future.

Designs by Gary Wang