Meet the Designers : Emma Gao

Emma Gao studied at Tongji University in her hometown of Shanghai, where she was accepted into the prestigious school of industrial engineering. However, she quickly grew bored with its emphasis on prosaic product design and began to take more art-related classes such as sculpture and Western art. Those courses inspired a passion for ceramics which eventually led her to Spin, where she was strongly influenced by two masters there, Gary Wang and Guo HongZi.

At Spin, Gao began to absorb the company philosophy of combining elements of art, culture and modern life into her pieces. She sees Spin as critical towards propelling the craft of ceramics into the 21st century. “Ceramics has been a part of Chinese civilization for thousands of years. In today’s modern world, traditional crafts have often failed to keep pace, so old ceramics towns like Jingdezhen cling to the old ways. They’re proud of the past but aren’t ready to face the future.

At Spin, all of the designers share a common goal of taking the ceramics road into the future. Life – our modern life – can breathe new energy into this ancient craft, but we can only progress if we combine these elements of culture, art and life. We’re already on that road, but there’s still a long way for us to go.”

Designs by Emma Gao