Meet the Designers : An Na

Growing up in the foothills of Daxinganling Mountain in Inner Mongolia, Anna was deeply influenced by the region’s unmatched natural beauty and traditional crafts. Those simple surroundings nourished her aesthetic development and gave her respect for the pure and the beautiful.

At Dalian Polytechnic University she majored in product design, focusing on Japanese and Nordic perspectives. This education, along with the guidance of Spin co-founder Gary Wang, helped her blend the traditional forms of her upbringing with modern international design. As she has progressed as a ceramic artist, Japanese Zen has played an increasingly central role in enriching her aesthetic views and artistic personality, and she is known for her simple, smooth designs.

According to Anna, “ceramics is the crystallization of human wisdom. Not existing in Nature itself, it is solely the product of human creativity, and a great contribution of the Chinese people to the world of art.” She finds the process of model making particularly rewarding, since the end is always different from the beginning: “The pieces themselves often lead me in what to do, since they are never exactly like what I had imagined.”

Designs by An Na