Cobblestone Bowls

"Time passes like a river flows, all of the dirt and dust is washed away,
The bitter and happy trials of life, like the rising and falling of the water."
-Cobblestone Poem

A Japanese rock garden greets visitors entering Spin's Designer's Studio. From their desks the designers look out onto the garden. So its no wonder that they found design inspiration from the rock garden.

Each designer picked out several rocks they found interesting. Combining them they came up with 16 unique rock shapes. With the forms chosen they determined the bowls' openings and cast them into porcelain.

A single Chinese character is embossed on the bottom of each Cobblestone Bowl. The 16 characters together make the Cobblestone Poem.

As if plucked from a river bed, the Cobblestone Bowls are 16 different sizes, most impactful as a grouping of 3 or more. With sixteen sizes, these bowls are perfect for any space.

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